Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great Golf Blog on Golf Travel


I just found a great golf blog I would encourage you to check from time to time. Brandon Tucker of writes a blog that as describes "offers his unique perspective on golf and travel destinations from Scotland and Ireland to Myrtle Beach. He also chimes in on news events on the PGA and LPGA Tours, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and other happenings around the world of golf". The posting that caught my eye was on St. Andrews Golf Trust announcing that they are keeping greens fees for 2009 at the 2008 level at all of their golf courses. Here is a link to Brandon's post on this and another link or his blog.

Post on St. Andrews Greens Fees Frozen for 2009

As a housekeeping note, you can now find on the right side of the page a blog roll providing links to other golf blogs I enjoy. I hope you like them as well. If you have any suggestions for good golf blogs, please post them in the comment section!

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