Friday, August 1, 2008

Links Golf

There is a kind of magic that occurs when a golfer encounters a new links on which to test his craft. It is partly the mystery of what lurks beyond the looming sand hills. It is the anticipation and anxiety that one feels when determining where the destination lies and how best to reach it. It is the testing of the elements of nature that can rear up to impede the journey. It is the moment of triumph when topping a ridge and finding the target has been found. It is the cool clean seacoast air that clears the head and energizes the spirit. It is about choices made and the fruit of those choices. It is the soft buoyancy of the bent sod supported by past years crops that have given way to new green springing blades. It is in sharing the journey with an old friend and in making new friends. It is in learning new ways, and reliving old ones. The object is not in conquering this magnificent place, but rather in gaining a common harmony. There is a pounding in the breast from the opening volley until the final putt. There is the fellowship afterwards with a toasty and a pint. Yes links golf is all these things and more. There is a magnetism that exists in this emerald kingdom that is found nowhere else. And it draws us back from year to year, leaving us yearning for our next return. To our new companions,

“Cead Mile Failte”, one hundred thousand welcomes.

Welcome to the land of “The Links” !
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